Grilled Cheese That'll Make You Wanna Slap Ya Mama!

January 23, 2018

You can't got wrong with crispy gooey grilled cheese

Lately, my favorite lunch has been a grilled cheese sandwich! You can dress it up and you can dress it down, but for God’s sake - do not forget the lard under any circumstances! 

Here’s a four-step guide to making that grilled cheese sandwich that’ll make you wanna slap ya mama!

Step One: Heat your cast-iron skillet.

Step Two: Attention! Listen up – this is the most important part! Put a spoonful of the rendered lard into a medium heat skillet. Even better use the bacon dripping you have saved from your bacon. Even better add some Cottonwood Farm bacon to put on your sandwich and let the bread toast in the rendered lard. If the lard starts to smoke, the skillet is too hot. 

Step Three: Put your first piece of bread down. Make sure you hear that sizzle. Have your cheese pre-grated (I’ve been using hoop cheese lately). Go ahead and put your cheese on the bread so it'll start melting.

Step Four: Put your other piece of bread down covering the cheese and flip the sandwich over! Make sure not to burn it. I love adding some fresh lettuce and tomato if they are in season too. 

It's crispy and gooey! Oh, and so yummy!

So why lard and not margarine or crisco?

Lard is a traditional fat. Crisco & margarine are man made substances full of chemicals I can't begin to pronounce and plenty of preservatives. The lard you fu=ind in your average grocery store isn't much better because often they add BHT to extend the shelf life. 

The word "LARD" summons horror and shock at the idea of using it as an oil for our food now days! Folks, lard is a healthy, natural fat. Pastured lard can be a wonderful source of vitamin D because the pigs have had plenty of time in the fresh air and sunshine. 

Lard is rendered fat from pork and is mostly monounsaturated. It had been a traditional oil of choice until the vegetable oil industry took over.

The truth is that eating fat does not make you fat. In fact, you don’t even have to feel guilty when you eat fat because fat is essential to our health.

The human brain is over 65 percent fat
our hormones are made from fat
outer layer of every single cell in the body is made of fat

Fat keeps our skin healthy, enhances our immune system, stabilizes our blood sugar and prevents diabetes. Good fats benefit our heart, normalize our blood fats and cholesterol, and even prevent cancer!  

Don’t be afraid to play around with lard in your kitchen. It will add lots of flavor to your food!


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