Herbed Pie Crust

October 29, 2019

Last year I had a "Leftovers Thanksgiving" where I invited family over for Thanksgiving at our house and cooked enough that we could all take home lots of leftovers. I cooked a 23lb bird for 8 people!
With the leftover meat and bones, I went to town batch cooking and meal prepping. One of the meals was a Chicken Pie with this crust and I froze 2 and ate one. It held well for the brief time it was in the freezer. It was also great to bring someone in need of a comforting meal. 
This pie crust recipe is a really fun surprise when biting into your chicken or turkey pie. It's savory and homey. This herbed pie crust would be a tasty addition to any savory dish with a crust. It's also a fun way to make your dish unique.


As you can see my herbed crust turned out beautifully.... Well, maybe not but it sure tasted wonderful!


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