How to Cook the Perfect Farm Fresh Boiled Egg

February 13, 2018


Boiling pastured eggs can be difficult. The eggshells often won’t come off very evenly and it leaves your a boiled egg looking like you ran it through the paper shredder. They just seem to stick like glue to the egg for some reason.

My theory is that the little gooey connector piece of tissue that’s underneath the shell is probably more strong than your conventional egg.

Of course, that’s just my theory.

My new favorite toy in the kitchen is my instant pot. Dad told me that he and Mary had been using the one they got from us for Christmas to make hard-boiled eggs.

Lately we have had an overflow of eggs at the house. And I mean literally at the house. We have a few hens that fly over their netting in the morning and come up to the house to lay their eggs on the rocking chair on the porch. We have jokingly referred to it as our egg delivery service. (and my morning wake up call)

After he mentioned how easy it was to peel his eggs with the instant pot I thought that be a good use of all those eggs in my fridge.

This is the face of determination! She comes to sit on the eggs delivered to us every morning. 

So I set to it....

I went out on the porch and collected the eggs from our daily rocking chair delivery. (No seriously, that’s what happened) and I made sure they were clean.

Here's How

I loaded up my instant pot with all the eggs I wanted to save from the pig bucket and covered them with water.

Put the instant pot on manual setting for 10 minutes of high pressure and allow the steam to naturally release. Once time has gone by, I think it takes about 25 minutes or so for it to naturally release, take the pot out  to drain off most of the hot water or put them in a colander to drain.

*This part is key: roll the eggs around so that they all have a few cracks. Don’t be violent with them just make sure that they all have a few cracks.

Then put them back into the empty pot and pour very cold water over them. Add ice if needed.

Let it sit for 5 to 10 minutes.

After that they just slip right off! Nothing too fancy just a crack and a sit!

There’s a lot of hype these days about farm-fresh food. And it’s for good reason.

In comparison to a conventional egg, pasture-raised eggs contain:

1/3 less cholesterol
1/4 less saturated fat
2/3 more Vitamin A
2x more omega-3 fatty acids
3x more Vitamin E
7x more beta carotene
4-6x more vitamin D
Higher folic acid levels
Measurable levels of vitamin C

Not only can you see the difference, you can taste the difference in our eggs. Pastured eggs have so much more flavor than eggs from the grocery store.

I start almost every morning off with a few boiled eggs and am full until lunch. Every morning except Sunday, which of course is reserved for BACON!

If you are interested in having farm fresh pastured eggs in your fridge we now offer an Egg Share and delivery options so that you can have them on a regular basis.

Click here for more information on our Egg Share.


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