May Newsletter

June 03, 2016

May Newsletter

Turkey Reservations

If you are interested in reserving your Thanksgiving bird from Cottonwood Farm I am now taking reservations.


Have you been wanting to see Cottonwood Farm in more local restaurants? Well soon it will be! Odette will be featuring Cottonwood Farm chicken on a special item in their menu beginning the end of June. Be sure to go check it out and thank them for supporting their local farmer.

How are the pigs?

The piggies are doing very well. They are growing fatter by the day it feels. Thelma is possibly due to have her first little by the end of this month. This will be my first farrowing (term used for pigs giving birth) experience so wish me luck! Wilber is obviously still doing well as you can see below.


The first harvest of the year took place on May 21st in Walling, TN and boy was that a haul! Thankfully I have come to know the road well and I've picked up a few tricks along the way. Luckily I had a bit of help this time from Mr. Williamson and also from some wonderful neighbors who took care of the fanimals, (yes, fanimals. A term of endearment I use to refer to my family of animals) back home while I was away. The birds dressed out nicely with an average of a whopping 6 POUNDS per bird!! That being said, I have plenty of meat ready to be cooked by your loving hands on served on your families table.

Turkey Update

The teenage turkeys as I have been calling them are doing wonderfully. After a bumpy start into the outside world with huge amounts of rainfall the 1st few days they were outside they have adjusted well. They absolutely love being outside! They aren't sure what to think of Hildi though. These guys have such different personalities than the broilers do. They love all coming up to me in a group to greet me in the field. I still have a few turkeys available to reserve for your thanksgiving bird. There will be a deposit of $25 be to assured you will receive a turkey. 

Meet Hildi

I finally decided on a name that was suggested by Mrs. Carol Williamson. Hildi, it means ready for battle. While she still has her puppy moments, she has been doing wonderful job fending off predators.

BEGINNINGS and Endings

Popeye was a chicken that was born with a cross beak. This caused him have some trouble getting all the food he needed into his mouth. After his brothers and sisters were moved to the field he seemed to say, "I don't belong out here and you know it!" Because he was so small and wasn't gaining as much weight as he should it was clear that he would never be a meat bird. Popeye really had no place back at the barn so I put him in with peepers to keep her company and she mothered him while setting. He would pop out and come great me happily and ask to come out and help me with my barn chores. With his endearing grin he would follow me around as I worked. Well sadly Popeye passed away the day after peepers hatched out her babies. I'm almost positive it was due to his beak and the nourishment he was receiving. But soon after he died, Christmas (a turkey hen I had given up on setting this season), decided to start consistently set on a clutch of eggs she had made in the rocks. I was over the moon overjoyed at a time of sullen reflection over Popeye. It's just a reminder that with ever ending there is a new beginning!

Turkey Babies!

Peepers babies have hatched! There were only two of them so I snuck them in with Christmas (my royal palm hen) when I noticed she was setting up in the rocks behind the barn. She has been setting diligently on her eggs for the past month and just this past week she hatched out SEVEN beautiful babies!

Please share Cottonwood Farm with your friends and family in our community. Your support greatly appreciated! Hope

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