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Your Grandmothers best kept secret in the kitchen

March 21, 2017

Your Grandmothers best kept secret in the kitchen

It's time I told y'all my secret trick to rendering lard. The secret is it's not a secret and do it in the crockpot.


Let me explain the difference in fat back and Leaf Lard.

"Fat Back" are the trimmings that come from the literal fat on the back. This type of lard generally has a little bit more of a pig flavor but it's still very delicious and useful for a great many things. Important things you might not think of such as: seasoning your cast iron skillet, candles, soap, or even greasing your gears on your manure spreader…what? You don't constantly struggle with the tightening, loosening, and lubing the chains or the rickety old spreader?..... Oh...  Anyways, leaf lard, comes from an entirely different part of the pig. It comes from the surrounding of the kidneys so it's more internal and protected. Leaf lard is known for not having as much of a pig flavor and being more pure white. It is perfect for making THE best pie crusts you have ever had. 


***make sure that you're fat back is completely thawed out.***

So here's how I render our lard (both are done the same way):
1. Cut strips of lard about 1 inch thick and place into crockpot
2. Make sure crockpot is on… Something I'm known for not doing… I usually put it on high and let it cook all day
3. Put one cup of purified water into your crockpot to help all the fat start getting render down.
4. Stir on occasion.
5. After about 6 to 10 hours I scoop it out of there into a strainer then I pour it into a metal container in place in the refrigerator to harden or into a mason jar to refill my stove oil.

That's it! How easy is that? Now your manure spreader will fling poop pies with ease!

 Now that I've shared this with you feel free to add on in the comments below.