Become a Herdshare Member with Winking Cow Farm, LLC

Become a Herdshare Member and Get Grass-fed A2 Raw Milk Every Week!

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How much does it cost?

To obtain one share in your name, you are required to pay a yearly herdshare membership fee of $30. This fee covers the Bill of Sale for Membership into Winking Cow Dairy and renews annually unless canceled. Once you are a herdshare member, you can pay a boarding fee to receive raw pet milk every week if you wish.

Membership - $30 per year for your herdshare ownership. Our buy-in is non-refundable but lasts one calendar year. Once you're a part of our farm family, you are always welcome back.
Board Fee -  This is the "boarding fee" we charge to keep up your cow. Boarding fees are paid weekly and may be paused at any time. In return, you receive your raw pet milk.