Breakfast Club

Our new breakfast club lets you rest easy knowing that your fridge will always be stocked for your Saturday and weekday morning breakfasts.

How does it work?

Every month on the first week of the month we will make the Breakfast Club. It's billed automatically to your account. 

The sausage link, and breakfast sausage flavors will be a random assortment. The ground breakfast sausage will be hot, medium or mild and come in 1 lb packs. The sausage link flavors consist of Kielbasa, Italian Sausage, Hickory Smoked, Irish Bangers, Chorizo, Andouille, Bratwurst, Bratwurst with cheese, and small breakfast sausages. So every month you will get a new type of sausage links and never get bored!
Our cured meat will be a variety. Our bacon products are sugar cured with no Nitrates or Nitrates. They use celery powder to replace the salt that might be needed.  The term "uncured" is used by the USDA to define a natural cure. The term uncured means the cure came from a natural food source compared to chemically manufactured curing agents used in most recipes. So when you see the term "uncured" rest assured it will have the same great flavor (and better) as the original recipes that use the term cured. Your share will have the allotted amount for your package of either traditional bacon, Canadian bacon, or jowl bacon. 

Our hens follow our milk cows in the pasture so that they can scratch through everything getting all the bugs and seeds that might be left behind. They also have free access to a locally blended non-gmo feed with plenty of vitamins & minerals and no soy.  

*** Please let me know if you have a food allergy or dietary restriction so that we can do our best to accommodate. That's the beauty of knowing your farmer, right? ***

You have two options with our Breakfast Club

Large Family
(best suited for 4-6 person family)
2 - 1 lb packs of breakfast sausage
3 - 1 lb pack bacon/Canadian bacon/ jowl bacon
1 - 1 lb sausage link
3 - Doz Eggs
$65.02 compared to $76.50
Small Family (1-2 people)
(best suited for 1-3 person family)
1 - 1 lb pack of Breakfast Sausage
2 - 1 lb bacon/Canadian bacon/ jowl bacon
1 - 1 lb sausage link
2 - Doz Eggs
$42.07 compared to $49.50

Pick Up Locations:
Pick up at the Farm
Saturdays 12-3pm
755 Locust Lane
Tuscumbia, AL, 35674
Singin River Brewery
Thursdays 3-4pm
526 E College St.
Florence, AL 35630