Chicken Share

Pastured - Non-GMO - Humanely Raised

Our Chicken is celebrated for its perfection in every carving! Whether you plan on making this chicken a rotisserie or served as a holiday meal, Cottonwood Farm supplies you with great tasting meat that will please even the pickiest eaters. When you support us and we support you by delivering quality chicken you can feel good about feeding your family.

One Chicken Share entitles you to one chicken per month for the year. That's 12 chickens! 

To have your chickens put into cuts it's $5/bird with a 2 bird minimum.

Cuts will be packaged as follows per package:
(2) 2 Breasts (bone-in, skin on)
(2) 2 Thighs, 2 Drumsticks
(1) 4 Wings


Chickens will be ready the last week in June.

You can arrange to pick up all birds at once or if your freezer doesn't allow space for all 12 birds we can store them for you. 

If you need to break the payment up into smaller chunks we'll be happy to work with you.


If you would like some or all of your birds cut up please select the option with the number you need cut in the drop-down menu. There is a $5/bird cut up fee. We allow birds to be cut up in 2 bird increments because they pack more neatly that way.

What are our shareholders saying about our birds?

"The chicken share is truly amazing! I’ve always been a bit afraid of eating store-bought chickens so my diet has been mostly wild-caught fish. 
The chicken taste absolutely wonderful and I actually have a comparison picture of a store-bought organic chicken breast from Publix and your chicken breast cubed up side by side. 
Even the texture is different. I had to throw the store purchased out. 
Publix is one the top."  Candace
"Our chicken was superb, my husband said it was the best chicken he had ever eaten. There was quite a bit of gravy too! Going to make chicken and broccoli casserole with the rest." - Jill

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