Chicken Drumsticks

Cottonwood Farm LLC

Chicken drumsticks are tender, flavorful and are extremely quick and easy to prepare.  Whether you fry, oven bake, barbecue or pop them in the slow cooker, our Drumsticks are sure to be a family favorite.

They are $5 per pound with an average weight of 1.50 pounds 

  • This meat was raised on pasture with NON-GMO feed and no antibiotics. It was also processed and inspected in USDA facility.

*When prepared correctly our Chicken is ideal for many healthy diets including LCHF and Ketogenic diets. Keto and LCHF plans recommend pasture-raised meats and poultry (to minimize your bacteria and steroid hormone intake) consumed in moderate amounts. 

Vendor: Cottonwood Farm LLC

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