Pork Share

We offer whole & half shares of hogs. These will come cut into standard cuts and vacuum-sealed unless otherwise noted on your cut sheet. Processing costs are $0.70/lb and a $35 flat fee per hog. See below for pricing. You are responsible for the cost of processing.

* If you are interested in getting the whole hog or half hog NOT processed into cuts our processor can do that for a reduced processing fee.

A hog can dress out at a weight of 200 - 250 lbs. We call this hanging weight. Your deposit will be subtracted from the sum of your total.

Pork Shares
Package  Whole   Half 
Price per lb: $4.00 $4.50
Hanging Weight  225 lbs 112.5 lbs
Total cost of Hog $900 $506.25
Processing  $192.50 $96.25
Total Price $1,092 $602.50

Click Here to download our cut sheet

Please fill out our cut sheet to communicate to our processor know how you would like your share broken down. If you would like any special cuts please indicate it in the notes.

Cured Meats
If you would like any of your meat cured there will be $4.00/ lb cure fee. Our processor is unable to cure meats at this time so in order to have your cuts cured we will have to have it further processed. Please allow 2-5 weeks for cured meats.

Pork Shares are picked up at the farm.

Please don't hesitate to reach out to us with any questions. 

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