Herdshare - Cottonwood Farm LLC

"You, as a food buyer, have the distinct privilege of proactively participating in shaping the world your children will inherit."

Joel Salatin


What is a herdshare?
Have you ever wanted to own a milk cow to have your own raw milk but you didn't have the time resources or goodness couldn't consume 5 gallons of milk per day? Well, this is your opportunity to own your cow. Let us do the milking for you and you keep all the good stuff!

In the state of Alabama it is illegal to sell raw milk for human consumption. When you purchase a part ownership of our dairy cow you own a 
share of her milk. One share is equivalent to 1 gallon per week.

1/2 share is equivalent to 1/2 gallon per week.

How do I get the milk?
You will be able to obtain your fresh milk, that you are entitled to three your share, weekly at designated pick up spots.

Buying Clubs are encouraged! This is when a group of customers from the same area designade one person in the group to run out to the farm or pick up location and pick up everyones milk and distribute it for the week.  
If you are in the Madison or Cullman area and are interested in our milk please reach out to find out more on our buying clubs. Call 256-762-1760

How much does it cost?
To obtain one for share in your name you are required to pay and a monthly boarding fee of. In return you will receive 1 gallon of milk per week per share.  Or, 1/2 gallon per week if you chose a half share. 

Deposit - Purchace amount for your percentage of your cow ownership, fully refundable.
Board Fee - Prorated throughout the year. This if the "boarding fee" I charge you to keep up your cow. In return you recieve your milk. 

Whole Share
Deposit $75
Monthly "Board Fee" $43.50
Half Share
Deposit $37.50
Monthly "Board Fee" $22 

Can I stop or hold my membership?
Absolutely! You may stop your hard year membership anytime you wish. However, you may not start it up immediately after. For example if you would like to not pick up your milk one week and then then pick it up the next week your heardshare membership will not stop.

What if I do not wish to have a heard share anymore?
If you do not wish to have your herdshare anymore we will refund your deposit. We are essentially buying back your share of the cow. Herdshares are nontransferable from customer to customer.

CLICK HERE to read our herdshare agreement

Where can I pick up my milk?

On the Farm - Saturdays 12-3pm

College Street Farmers Market/ Singin River Brewery - Thursdays 3-7pm 

The Renaissance Olive Oil Company - Wednesdays 10-5pm