Holiday Ham

Nothing is more easy, or delicious than serving our Holiday Ham during the busy holiday season.  This is a sweet, tender, flavor-filled favorite that is sure to please the whole family.

We offer fresh and cured hams. Our cured hams are sugar cured and smoked using no nitrates or nitrites by Mennonites using the old fashioned way. They are NOT ready to eat and must be cooked. 

Our whole ham will weigh about 18 lbs. A half ham will weigh about 9 lbs. 

Cottonwood Farm Hams

Some Supermarket Hams

Most Supermarket Hams

Raised with no antibiotics — ever X X
Raised on Pasture of forest X
Heritage Breeds X
No GMO's in the feed X X
No added nitrates or nitrites X
* No animal byproducts in the feed * X

* We prefer to honor the pigness of the pig. Pigs are omnivores. "Animal by-product" to us means these guys get to root around in the dirt eating grubs, worms, and an occasional egg as a treat.  


Cost of a whole ham is $7.40/lb cured 

Cured Ham
Cost $7.40/lb
Weight 18 lbs
Total $133.20

There is a $25 deposit regardless of cure or size. The deposit will be subtracted from the sum of your total at checkout.

Hams will be ready in the fall around November. We do this seasonally because pork is particularly delicious when harvested after the trees have dropped their nuts and the pigs have had a chance to have some. 

Please communicate with us about the size of ham you need for your family.  We will email you when your ham is ready. 

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